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Draft 3.0 Challenge: The Kings want to hear from YOU about the draft

Find out how YOU could end up in the Kings Draft War Room this year.


We've heard a lot about how Vivek Ranadivé and co. want to do things differently.  He calls it "NBA 3.0" and we've already seen examples of it from the team adopting bitcoin, Google Glass and more.

Now though, we're getting something cooler.  So many fans dream of being able to help their team and have their own way of thinking on how to do it.  The Kings are actually offering the fans the change to do that thanks to what they're calling the Draft 3.0 Challenge.

From Pete D'Alessandro, who took to Reddit again today:

Like you, we are all striving to find the right metrics to evaluate the draft. In fact, in my interview with Vivek I discussed a concept which i think hasn't been done before. There is so much talent and so much information out there today outside of the walls of the NBA. I told him I felt like we could tap into that vast wealth of knowledge. For that reason I was actually planning on reaching out to advanced fans and asking for their help in this Draft. I had my analytics team here at the Kings create a website where I'm asking fans to rate college players by position in the 2014 NBA Draft. I would like more than just the ranking for fans that are interested. I would like to know how they came to their decision. From this crowdsourcing, I will select a smaller group to be in my Draft think tank. A few of which I plan to invite to my war room. Below is the link and I'll be here for any questions!

The best participants will be selected to join a think tank that will meet with D'Alessandro and the front office several times until draft day and two of those members will end up in the draft day war room.

The level of outreach and openness the organization is showing here is frankly amazing.  I know I'll be taking up the challenge and I hope many of you will as well (where's dalt99 at?).  It would be incredibly awesome to have a Sactown Royalty member in the war room on draft day, so get working on your submissions, you have until May 19th!

NBA 3.0 is here and it is awesome.