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2014 NBA Finals Game 4: Open Thread

It's game 4 suckas!!
It's game 4 suckas!!
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Not gonna lie to you guys...  No one has any idea what happened in the first half of game 3.  News reports trickling out of Miami appear to suggest that cleanup crews have yet to finish clearing out the rubble and ashes that were once American Airlines Arena.  Pretty sure game 4 is being played at a local YMCA.

Tim Duncan was admitted to a Miami hospital because he couldn't stop laughing.  Small Floridian children have been having nightmares about the "bad men" from Texas who stormed into town and terrorized their community.  No one has seen Chris Bosh in at least 48 hours.  Technically he's a missing person (Chris if you're reading this... please go home).

Despite the terrible devastation wrought by the incredible force of the San Antonio Spurs'1st half field goal percentage in game 3...  We must persevere!  We must carry on for future generations!

Let us post snarky remarks and observations about game 4 of the NBA Finals in the spirit of those who came before us!

Tipoff is at 6pm on ABC.