Ideas for the King (no, not the Kings)

What should Lebron do in the offseason? I know that a lot of people on this site tend to dislike Lebron, but I actually like the guy. He made a mistake with "The Decision", but don't hate on him for leaving the Cavs. Yes, Kobe never left the Lakers, Jordan never left the Bulls, and Duncan never left the Spurs, but remember these were all world-class organizations with decent owners and great coaches. Lebron had a clown for a coach, a clown for an owner, and a clown of a team. Yet, he still made the finals on his own. Okay, stepping down from the Lebron soapbox.

What do you think Lebron should do this offseason? Yes, I know he isn't a Kings related subject, but he is by far the best player in the world. Here are some realistic and unrealistic options for Lebron.

1. Opt out and then resign with Miami for less money (Wade and Bosh follow.)

Why? Carmelo Anthony. Recent reports have come out stating that the Heat will pursue Carmelo Anthony in the offseason. The pitch will be to take less money to play with better players and create a dynasty for the next half decade. I personally don't understand why you pursue Anthony. I would rather have James, Bosh, and Wade take new contracts for less money and pursue a real point guard and a real bench. Plenty of players will want to play for the Heat. Why go after a ball dominant, "high volume", lackadaisical defender?

2. Opt out and return to the Cavaliers.

Why? Kyrie Irving and Joel Embid/Kevin Love. If the Cavs can swing the #1 + assests for Kevin Love, I think it gives the Cavs a decent chance of landing Lebron. If they pick Joel Embiid, I'm not so sure. Kyrie seems a little immature, Dion Waiters seems a little immature, and Dan Gilbert seems a lot immature.

3. Sign and trade with Clippers.

Clippers get: Lebron James

Heat get: Blake Griffin, Darren Collison, 2 first round picks

Why the Heat do it: If Lebron informs them that he is planning on leaving, they need to get something back in return. Blake Griffin is an up and coming star (who I can't stand), Darren Collison is a real point guard, and two first round picks helps to heal the wound of Lebron bolting.

Why the Clippers do it: First, this would assume that Donald Sterling is out of the picture. Lebron will not go to a team that is owned by Donald Sterling. The Clippers could unite Lebron with one of his best friends, and get him into one of the biggest markets in the world. Doc Rivers is an excellent coach. DeAndre Jordan is a shot blocker. You've got shooters in J.J. Reddick and Jamal Crawford. I think this would be an excellent scenario for Lebron.

4. Lebron opts out and signs with the......Spurs!

Why? This is something that occurred to me last night. I don't think it's going to happen. However, if Duncan and Ginobli were to retire, but Pop was to stay, San Antonio would be a great fit for Lebron. JVG perfectly summarized the Spurs organization last night "San Antonio has cornered the market on heart-first players." Lebron is the ultimate teammate, just like Duncan was. This could be an immediate revival of the Spurs organization if Lebron were to sign. The defensive presence of Lebron and Kawhi Leonard is fairly terrifying.

5. Lebron signs with the Monstars. Think about how dominate he could be with the Monstars?

6. Sign and trade with the Kings!

Kings get: Lebron James

Heat get: Rudy Gay, B Mac, IT

Why the Heat do it: Petey D transforms at the full moon into his true self, Gru. He invents a brain washing machine and uses it on Pat Riley.

Why the Kings do it: We need the King on the Kings! By the way, the trade machine has our winning total being unaffected by this trade.

Anyone else have any ideas?

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