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2014 NBA Finals Game 5 Open Thread

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Spurs are up 3-1 and have won the last two games in Miami in dominating fashion and now the series has shifted back to San Antonio.  This very well could be the last day of basketball until October.  I'm personally rooting for more games, but as Jason Ross tweeted the other day, this is probably my favorite possible scenario at this point of the finals: Either San Antonio wins and we celebrate an amazing team, or we see one of the greatest playoff comebacks in NBA history, likely led by an incredible performance by LeBron James.

If Miami wants to even have a chance though, someone other than LeBron has to step up.  Dwyane Wade has been awful, Chris Bosh has been underutilized and Miami's role players have been missing in action.

San Antonio meanwhile has been just amazingly fun to watch.  Their passing as a team has given me flashbacks of the glory era Kings, with the whole team acting as an unselfish unit.

Tip-Off's at 5 pm on ABC.