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Is Pete D'Alessandro a Belieber, a Sactown Royalty investigation

Pete D'Alessandro may be a Justin Bieber fan. We're hard hitting journalists, so we took a deeper look.


For the most part, the staff and readers here at Sactown Royalty have been pretty big fans of Kings GM Pete D'Alessandro.  He's open, engaging, funny, and has made bold moves to improve the team.  So we were stunned when it suddenly became all too clear that Pete is secretly a huge fan of Justin Bieber.  Don't beliebe me?  Let's review the facts.

That's NBA rookie-to-be Nik Stauskas.  At face value, this is just a funny tweet about the insanity that is the pre-draft process.  But then our own fearless editor connected the dots.

Clearly, this question was asked by none other that Pete D'Alessandro.

Not satisfied?  I thought there may still be a few skeptics out there, so I looked a little closer.  It turns out that R&B artist "Khalil" was arrested with Justin Bieber in Miami earlier this year. Where did Khalil live when he was a kid? Sacramento.  Ok, Antelope, but whatever.

And the evidence doesn't stop there.  In 2010 Justin Bieber performed at Arco Arena.  THE VERY BUILDING WHERE PETE NOW WORKS.

So there you have it.  Case closed.

Oh, and in case you we were wondering, Stauskas let us know what he answered.

Seems like a good kid, even if he just ruined his chances of Pete ever drafting him.