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NBA Draft Rumor: Kings showing "strong interest" in Doug McDermott and Marcus Smart

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The draft is just under a week away so the rumor mill is definitely heating up.  Joel Embiid's injury has flipped the table on the draft, particularly the lottery, although it's still unclear just how far he will fall.  On the Kings side of things, there was a bit of a rumor tidbit in Chad Ford's latest piece on Embiid's injury and the draft.

From ESPN (Insider):

Speaking of McDermott, he and Michigan's Nik Stauskas did a workout for the Kings, Nuggets, Timberwolves and Warriors in Chicago on Tuesday. None of those four teams were able to get either player in for a private workout, but they were able to schedule this meeting in Chicago.

The Kings have shown strong interest in McDermott. He's an unusual fit for a team that's loaded with gunners and is making a full-on effort to lure Rudy Gay back to Sacramento. But he and Smart are definitely in the mix for them. Payton is being considered, as well, although it appears the Kings are looking at him more for scenarios where they move down a few spots in the draft.

DraftExpress has had the Kings taking McDermott in almost every iteration of their mock draft since the lottery, and that didn't change with yesterday's Embiid news.  McDermott doesn't seem to fit the Kings current roster makeup, but if Gay leaves the Kings will need some more shooting and scoring, both of which McDermott can provide (and they already need more shooting).  The Kings' potential interest in Marcus Smart is unsurprising as he provides backcourt depth (a serious need for Sacramento) and relentlessness on both ends.  The fact that Payton is mentioned as an option for Sacramento should they move down in the draft also makes a lot of sense given how likely it seems the Kings are to trade the 8th pick for a more proven player.

In other draft news, the Kings just wrapped up a big draft workout today, which Blake Ellington attended and will have a report on later.  Zach LaVine had his vertical tested and measured at a ridiculous 45.5".