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Behind the Scenes of Sacramento's Draft Day Crowdscourcing

The Kings have been crowdsourcing advice on the 2014 NBA Draft, and even held a submission contest called "Draft 3.0" for fans to submit their own draft analysis for the chance to join a Draft Advisory Council with Pete D'Alessandro. Grantland went behind the scenes on this crowdsourcing effort in a must watch video.

Sadly, I was not invited to the Draft Advisory Council for my 114 page submission of "just don't trade for John Salmons" repeated over and over but hopefully I got my point across.

On a serious note, this was an incredible opportunity that was provided by the Kings and something that I've never seen another NBA team do. This was a real chance for fans to do what they've always dreamed of and actually have a say in what their favorite team does. For the Kings, it brings more voices to the table in a way that can only be beneficial. I hope that we see the team do this again next year.