It's OK, LeBron, To Be Afraid of the Biggest Challenge

Dear Mr. James,

I personally think you have nothing left to prove. You are a champion. Well, not this year of course, but you know what I mean. It's like being a former President of the United States. Once a President, always called Mr. President. But I digress.

You took your talents to Miami and, just as you said you would, you made them a champion. Well, you and D-Wade. Oh, and Chris. But it was mostly you. You carried the team to a championship. Miami was only a 47 win team the year before you got there and you made them win 11 whole more games.

I know that Miami was already a playoff team but don't let that make you feel less special. Heck, none of the other big stars in the league are brave enough either to take on the challenge of bringing a truly downtrodden franchise a championship even though one might call that the ultimate proof of greatness. Even Michael Jordan couldn't bring Washington to a championship when he sort of tried it. There is no shame in being afraid of trying something that even Michael couldn't do.

You could choose to join a team with a poor history of making the playoffs... hmm... lets pick one at random... the Sacramento Kings, let's say. Eight years now they have missed the playoffs which is 2nd worst in the league. If you brought THEM a championship then everyone would HAVE to call you the greatest ever, wouldn't they? It would be the gutsiest free agent move by a player ever and thus the reward would be the sweetest.

And it wouldn't even matter that Cousins and Gay are better players now than Bosh and Wade. They fly so far under the NBA radar in Sacramento that they aren't considered All-Star material no matter how much they produce, so you would get ALL the credit.

Anyway, I just want you to know that I personally won't think any less of you if you are afraid to take on that challenge. You are still a champion. Again, not this year, but we already went over that. You should still be proud that you will be considered ONE OF the best players ever, even if it is too risky to go for that definitive acclaim.

Best wishes to you, whatever you decide!



Dave Lack was the longtime webmaster of the Bleacher Mob and Kingsfanclub websites way-back-when before real life became too hectic.

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