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NBA Draft Rumor: Kings trying to move up for Embiid?

Will the Kings move up to take Joel Embiid?
Will the Kings move up to take Joel Embiid?
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

With the draft just under 24 hours away, CBS Sport's Ken Berger is reporting that despite Joel Embiid's foot injury, several teams have been angling to move up in hopes of acquiring him. Several teams... including the Kings.

Several teams, including the Sacramento Kings at No. 8, have called teams ahead of them in the lottery to propose potential trades to move up and select Embiid, a league source with knowledge of the conversations told

While many teams might be scared of Embiid's health issues, it's anyone's guess just how far down in the draft order he might fall. And while its widely believed he won't be on the board when the Kings choose with the 8th pick, Berger also goes on to say that were Embiid to fall to them, the Kings wouldn't let the big man slip any further.

An Eastern Conference executive said Wednesday that Embiid, despite the medical red flags, would not get past the Kings at No. 8 -- and probably wouldn't fall that far.

Embiid's skill set would make him an ideal frontcourt partner for DeMarcus Cousins, though Kings fans would have to wait around 6 months to see him actually play any basketball. It would certainly be a gamble but it would be hard for Pete D'Alessandro to pass up on Embiid should he still available when their name is called on Thursday.

It would appear that Pete D'Alessandro has been INCREDIBLY busy this offseason. And there's been no shortage of rumors that the Kings have been shopping the 8th pick in the hopes of acquiring veteran help and/or additional picks. However, this particular rumor stands out as the only one i've heard that has the Kings actually attempting to move UP in the draft.

Speaking of rumors that the Kings are willing to make some moves. Check out this gem from SI's Chris Mannix:

The only thing that would surprise me at this point, is if NOTHING surprising ended up happening. Hang on to your hats kids. This is gonna be a crazy 24 hours!