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Updated Kings arena construction timeline released

The demolition of the Downtown Plaza Mall will begin in late July and the exterior of the new arena should be done by fall 2015.

The Sacramento Kings have released some new details on the demolition of the Downtown Plaza Mall and a timeline for the new downtown arena.

Though no specific date was given, the team says that demolition will begin in late July and that the public will be notified of the start date 24-48 hours prior. The demolition will include three blocks of the mall.

Below is a complete project schedule.

Summer 2014 - Truck deliveries and barrier/fence set up. Street re-striping. On-site abatement work and utilities shut-off. Demolition and removal of existing buildings, including use of excavators, hoe rams and forklifts.

Summer/Fall 2014 - Mass excavation of site.

Fall 2014/Winter 2015 - Drilled displacement piles and foundation construction.

Winter/Summer 2015 - Concrete slab pours. Steel structure erection, welding and installation (includes installing vertical steel, but not roof steel).

Summer/Fall 2015 - Building facade of precast concrete, metal and glass built. Roof constructed.

Fall 2015-2016 - Interior assembly.

Fall 2016 - Complete and open to the public.

So yeah, by fall of next year, the exterior will pretty much be intact.

The demolition area is between 5th, 7th, J and L Streets, and does not include Macy's, the Marshall Hotel, Jade Apartments, 24-Hour Fitness, the 660 J office building, Scientology building and the University of San Francisco building on 7th Street.

Barricades will appear on the 7th Street side between University of San Francisco and 24 Hour Fitness and on the 5th Street side between the east and west plaza. Both barricades will feature a "viewing window." According to the team, 1,780 of the 3,700 parking spaces in the Plaza will remain open. The Plaza East Garage stopped providing parking to monthly customers as of June 21.

Stores on the west end of the mall, including the movie theater and Macy's will keep their doors open during construction, according to The Sacramento Bee. On the east, 24-Hour Fitness will remain open.

To meet the September 2016 completion date, the construction team will work from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., Monday through Saturday, which allows two eight-hour shifts per day. There will be three phases of night work conducted between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m.

For more on the project, visit or the city's website.

Here We Build indeed.