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Pete D'Alessandro hints a Kings trade could still be coming

No Kings trades went down during the draft, but could one still be around the corner?


The NBA Draft came and went Thursday without any trades on the part of the Sacramento Kings, but that doesn't mean something still won't happen.

During his post-draft press conference, Kings general manager Pete D'Alessandro said that throughout the draft process they may have planted a seed for something in the future.

"I think definitely we'd like to acquire perhaps another big - a shot blocker ... we may be active in trades. The great thing about the draft is you're so active, it's all this talking that doesn't actually happen, but trades happen in the second or third ripple," D'Alessandro said. "Draft day and trade deadline, those are fantastic for getting things done, but they're also fantastic for planting the seed to a future deal. I think we've had a number of discussions even today that maybe pan out and maybe don't, but I absolutely do think that those discussions are always very productive."

The Kings were tied to possible trades for Kevin Love, Rajon Rondo and Josh Smith leading into the draft. Interestingly, Ben McLemore's name came up in an Adrian Wojnarowski tweet about a potential trade with the Boston Celtics for the 6th pick shortly before the Kings selected Nik Stauskas at 8.

This of course, didn't happen, but McLemore is a player who the Kings front office had been protective of and made it clear last season that he was not available; but could he be now? D'Alessandro was asked about what drafting Stauskas, another shooting guard, meant about McLemore's future.

"He's [Ben McLemore] been working his tail off, that's the best way to say it, we're thrilled about what we're going to have with him. We see them as, we'd like to see them together," D'Alessandro said. "Nik is such a playmaking type of a combo guard and we can see them actually on the floor together at times, and as we see Ben advance defensively, which we fully expect with his athleticism, we could actually see him maybe switching over guarding some one, playing together and playing off each other."

Head coach Michael Malone said drafting Stauskas doesn't change the fact that the Kings love McLemore and he reiterated that the two guards may play together (with Stauskas at the point).

So there is probably little to the Wojnarowski tweet at this point. But with DeMarcus Cousins not going anywhere and no draft pick in hand now, the Kings are left with few trade chips that would be desirable to another team, outside of McLemore or a potential sign and trade with Isaiah Thomas. The team extended a qualifying offer to Thomas on Wednesday, which means they can match any offer another team may present to him.

Free agency also begins on Tuesday.