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Report: Kings to sign 7'5" undrafted prospect Sim Bhullar

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In a move I have been kind of sarcastically predicting for a while now, the Kings are actually signing New Mexico State's Sim Bhullar, a 7'5, 360 lb Indian-Canadian center per David Aldridge.  Bhullar played two years at New Mexico State before declaring for the 2014 draft, in which he went undrafted.  Should he make the NBA he'd be the first player of Indian descent to do so.

I mean, this is likely nothing more than an unguaranteed summer league/training camp deal so I'm not gonna get too worked up about it, but Bhullar doesn't do much as a prospect aside from bring massive size and girth.  He's slow as molasses and failed to dominate against one of the weaker schedules in College Basketball.  He was only an average rebounder despite being taller than every single person, largely because he's too slow to rebound anything out of his own area.  Offensively his range is limited to right at the rim.  He did block a ton of shots though, because again, 7'5.

I don't foresee there being a great chance of Bhullar making the Kings roster for the season but we'll see.  He would need to spend all summer working on his conditioning, but he's a long way from having an NBA ready body or game.  That's where a season or two with the Reno Bighorns comes in, which is the direction I think the Kings will go with this signing.