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Nik Stauskas proving easy to root for

Based on early impressions, Stauskas seems poised to be a fan favorite.

Sacramento Kings rookie Nik Stauskas was introduced to the city and the media on Saturday, and he's already started making a strong impression.  Upon landing in Sacramento, Stauskas tweeted out a message to Kings fans.  A manifesto, if you will.

Stauskas followed that up with his press conference Saturday.  He came across as eager to work, eager to prove himself, and not taking anything for granted.  He talked about how reaching the NBA has been a lifelong goal, but now he needs to set out new goals.

While his play will ultimately determine how supportive fans will be, Stauskas is saying all the right things so far.  With the right spark on the court, he's well on his way to being a fan favorite in Sacramento.  And while he may not yet realize exactly how big it is to be a fan favorite here, he'll figure it out soon enough.