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Report: Five teams expressing interest in free agent Isaiah Thomas

The Kings point guard is getting some attention as free agency begins.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The free agency period begins Monday night and the Kings' big free agent, Isaiah Thomas, is garnering interest from several teams.

According to ProBasketballTalk's Aaron Bruski, the Detroit Pistons, Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat and Phoenix Suns are all interested in Thomas.

The Kings have extended a qualifying offer to Thomas already, which means he is restricted and they can match any offer these teams would draw up. Reports today indicated that Thomas hasn't scheduled any meetings with teams yet, including the Kings.

Jason Jones of The Sacramento Bee, also reported that the Kings aren't going to jump right into free agency as it begins.

"Kings general manager Pete D’Alessandro prefers to take a pragmatic approach to this time of year. Unless there is a marquee player available the Kings might be able to secure early in the free agency process, D’Alessandro likes to see how the market takes shape after the maximum-contract players have committed to deals."

Things are about to get pretty interesting as we wait and see what types of offers Thomas ends up getting and how the Kings react.


Apparently, the Boston Celtics are interested in Thomas too.