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NBA Free Agency: Day One Open Thread

The first day of free agency is usually full of fun. Use this thread to discuss it all.


The Sacramento Kings are not expected to be major players in free agency this summer.  With Rudy Gay opting into the final year of his contract, worth $19.3 million, the Kings have essentially no cap room unless they swing a trade to clear cap space.  Of course, this franchise is quickly developing a habit of throwing expectations off the top floor of the Nakatomi Plaza.  But even if the Kings hold to expectations, free agency is a lot of fun.  Use this thread to discuss signings and rumors of any team.

We'll of course be keeping a close eye on Isaiah Thomas and his restricted free agency proceedings.  Jon Santiago of Cowbell Kingdom reported Monday afternoon that Isaiah may not be an immediately player in the market.

Jon then added some detail on when we might see Isaiah enter the fray:

It would make sense for Isaiah to wait for other, bigger-name guards to be off the market.  Waiting would give Isaiah the chance to cash in on teams becoming desperate to land an impact guard if they strike out on Lowry and Bledsoe.