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NBA Free Agency: Isaiah Thomas talking to Detroit Pistons, per report

While talks are developing, could Isaiah be headed to the Motor City? Rumors of offers in the range of 3 years $24 million are swirling.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Start your engines! It has begun!

Isaiah Thomas is reportedly in talks with the Detroit Pistons. While this may seem like a strange landing spot, having just locked up Brandon Jennings at $8mil a year, the Pistons are rumored to be very interested.

Our friend, Aaron Bruski of ProBasketballTalk reported last night that the Pistons could be throwing around numbers as high as 3 years, $24 million, which might be a little high for the Kings.

NBA twitter has since begun to do what it does best... and speculate! The NBA's official twitter account went as far as to report that an actual offer had been made, but they aren't sourcing their intel. It's not clear if they've heard that talks have progressed that far, or if they are just extrapolating from Bruski's tweets last night. But rumors are news too right?!

While it's unclear if an actual offer has been issued by the Pistons, we did hear from one source that talks are "as serious as it gets." But, it's unknown at this point how close either side might be to agreeing to some kind of deal. For what it's worth, Jared Zwerling from NBA TV and Bret Poirier added these nuggets, and I tend to believe them:

I'm not sure that there's anything to worry about right now, but this should serve as a dose of reality for King's fans. I still feel like the Kings could try to keep him, especially if they can find a sucker team to take either of the JT's contracts. We will have to see. One possibilty could be revisiting the Josh Smith talks, but we will just have to wait and see how this progresses. Stay tuned for more updates!