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NBA Free Agency: Isaiah Thomas meeting with Phoenix Suns

The Suns apparently want to have the deepest PG rotation in the league.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Another team has seemingly jumped into the mix for the services of Sacramento's Isaiah Thomas and it's a bit surprising as it's a team with a ton of backcourt depth already: The Phoenix Suns.

Reports first surfaced today from Eli Friedman on Twitter, who said the Suns were hosting Thomas today. Adrian Wojnarowski then confirmed the news a few hours later:

The Suns of course, already have Goran Dragic and are very likely to match any offer for their own Restricted Free Agent, Eric Bledsoe.  They also just drafted another Point Guard in Tyler Ennis.  It's a little perplexing that the Suns would be going after Thomas with Dragic and Bledsoe already on board, but I guess you could split the PG/SG minutes between the three of them to have two phenomenal guards on the court at all times.  Dragic also has a Player Option he is almost certainly going to opt out of after next season, so signing Thomas now could be insurance in case Dragic leaves.

Phoenix has plenty of cap room to sign both Bledsoe and Thomas.  They also have a ton of assets, which is good news for those hopeful that the Kings can get something in a Sign & Trade.  The Suns had 3 first rounders in this draft alone in Ennis, T.J. Warren, and Bogdan Bogdanovic.  They also have guys like the Morris twins, Gerald Green, Alex Len and Miles Plumlee.

**UPDATE 5:15 PM**

Looks like the Suns will continue meeting with IT tomorrow but no offer sheet YET.

**UPDATE 9:40 PM**

Isaiah's fiance tweeted out some pictures of the Suns rolling out the figurative red carpet for IT