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"I don’t know if they really want me like other teams do" - Isaiah Thomas speaks out

The Kings' Free Agent isn't exactly feeling the love from Sacramento.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Isaiah Thomas has had one refrain throughout free agency and that is that he wants to be wanted.  He wants to be wanted for being 5'9.  He wants to be wanted for being a scoring guard.  He wants to be wanted for being a great player.

Thomas is definitely wanted in the NBA, especially coming off a season in which he averaged 20.3 points and 6.3 assists (21.2 and 6.8 as a starter), but not necessarily by his former team, the Sacramento Kings.

In an interview with Brett Weisband of Slam Magazine, Thomas opens up about the Kings and Free Agency.

On when he expects a decision to come:

We know that everyone is waiting on LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony to make their decisions and I think after that things will start to get rolling a lot faster

On returning to Sacramento:

I just want to be wanted. I don't know if they really want me like other teams do. Like I said, since day one I just want to be wanted. I know there's a few teams out there that's showing a lot of interest. I'm just waiting to see what's the best fit for me. At the end of the day it's a business and you've got to do what's best for yourself.

On Sacramento's signing of Darren Collison:

It hurt, but at the same time that's been my story my whole life. People have doubted me, people always bring guys in who they think are going to outplay me or outwork me and that's just not the case. I'm going to just continue working hard, continue to be me, and hopefully a real good team wants me on their team and I can go there.

Thomas also mentions in the interview that his top destinations as of now are Los Angeles, Phoenix or Dallas and that he's been contacted by the Heat and Pistons as well.  With LeBron's decision today, things should start to fall in place. There's a lot more to the interview, but I don't want to take away from the great work Brett did so be sure to go visit Slam to read the rest.