What the Kings are thinking... but can't say out loud.

I've been trying to see the bright side in losing Isaiah. What is the Kings front office thinking? A bit too much for a normal post so using this space.

First off, sorry to those who tried explaining what the trade exception was and wasn't to me while I floundered with CBA faqs. You all are right in that it is no panacea. It is a small concession for losing IT. But in terms of what the Kings are trying to do, I think it fits in with what they are thinking.

And what is that?

That this year is wasted because of past salary ineptitude and there is no chance to make any serious strides so they are pretending...

this year




We all as fans know it too, deep down inside, so we are really in cahoots with the ownership in realizing the REAL task of rebuilding the team starts in 2015/2016.

The front office has in their mind the type of team they want to build but can't really do anything with the pieces we have to offer other teams, so they have to wait until they have cap space to go after free agents. They are willing to spend smaller amounts to limp along this year (thus the Collison signing) but are unwilling to spend on longer/bigger contracts now unless they are certain they fit the type of players they want. IT isn't in their long term plans at the price point he got.

We all know the Kings are over the cap this year and knocking on the Luxury tax door. Sad to contemplate it, but I really don't expect much to change roster wise this year unless we get a great deal dropped in our lap.

But that all changes the following season. Since they didn't match IT next year these are the only guaranteed salaries as of now in 2015/2016:

DeMarcus Cousins 15,851,950.00
Carl Landry 6,500,000.00
Jason Thompson 6,431,250.00
Darren Collison 5,333,333.00
Nik Stauskas 2,869,440.00

That is a grand total of $37 million in salaries. If the salary cap goes up around 7% again like it did this year, then it will be at $67 million leaving $30 million in cap space. Suddenly the roster above doesn't look so crappy as a foundation to start with. With the $7 million exception the Kings could conceivably spend $37 million then, going over the cap with a combo of free agents and trades. Rudy could end up eating $10 to $15 million of that which still leaves $22 to $27 million enough for two great or three serviceable players. Plus another high draft pick (sigh.)

Whether they can find the players willing to come here is another question to ponder, but they at least would have the ability to wine and dine.

So they can't very well come out and say they have given up on this season, but we can read between the lines on the ledger sheet.

But wait till next year!

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