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Rudy Gay speaks on his future, Darren Collison signing

Rudy Gay speaks about Darren Collison, Isaiah Thomas and his future with the Kings.

Rudy Gay sat courtside at the Cox Pavilion in Las Vegas on Sunday for the Sacramento Kings' matchup with the Charlotte Hornets.

Following the game, Gay spoke to the media about several things, including the signing of Darren Collison and the loss of Isaiah Thomas. He also said he is open to negotiating a long-term contract before next summer, but made it clear he wants to see the direction of the organization before he makes his final decision.

"I'm kind of taking my time, I'm open to doing things, but I really just want to see where the organization is going," Gay said.

Gay was joined on the sidelines by DeMarcus Cousins during the Kings' second Summer League game.