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NBA Free Agency Open Thread: Day 2

Day 1 was rather uneventful. Let's see what Day 2 has in store.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

NBA free agency kicked off with a bang! Well, not exactly. But there's lot of conversations happening! And rumors, don't forget about rumors! And, uh, Jodie Meeks and Cartier Martin signed with the Pistons! And Shaun Livingston signed with Golden State! Marcin Gortat is staying in Washington! Well, they didn't actually sign, because they can't until July 10th because the NBA has weird rules. But there were agreements! Exciting, exciting agreements!

Things may pick up in the coming days, and you can use this thread to discuss every rumor, whisper, agreement, and whatever else goes down. And if you're looking for a quick and easy way to keep track of everything that's happened, we've got you covered! SB Nation NBA has a handy dandy tracker. It will cover every free agent, every trade, and includes links to additional details and analysis!

Every Signing and Trade in One Place

And of course, if anything happens with the Kings, we'll have you covered. We're keeping a close eye on Isaiah Thomas rumors.