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The Definitive Nik Stauskas Youtube Compilation

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Former University of Michigan sharpshooter and new Sacramento King, Nik Stauskas, is Youtube famous. Kings fans on social media have been going crazy over this kid's clips. When you're done watching these videos... you'll understand why.

Summer league is only a few days away. But for NBA fans longing to catch a glimpse of their latest draft pick, a few days can seem like an eternity! Searching desperately for a glimmer of hope or validation, late June/early July is the time of year basketball fans sprint to their computers to become experts on their new favorite players. It's undeniable. We're all guilty of it. Firing up Youtube, devouring any and every last clip we can find, like a bunch of junkies looking for a fix.

Luckily for Kings fans, rookie shooting guard Nik Stauskas is "Youtube famous." Coaches at the University of Michigan took to calling Nik "Tube" for posting a series of impressive backyard training videos to his own Youtube channel. We're talking about the kinds of videos that become legendary amongst die hards and casual fans alike. It didn't take long for Kings faithful to figure out that the youngster's Youtube game was REAL strong.

Kings fan social media circles have been going crazy over the kid. So many of his videos are being shared that it's getting pretty difficult to keep track of them all. Find a comfy spot, because I decided to do the work for you. Here are all the best Nik Stauskas Youtube videos the internet has to offer.

To kick things off, lets start with this clip of Stauskas' highlights from the 2013-2014 season. This video literally (not literally) got me so pumped, I started running down the street singing "Oh Canada" in the middle of the night. Spoiler alert... he's an offensive monster. The Jimmer comparisons stop HERE:

There's been some debate about whether or not Nik has the ability to handle the ball at a high level. Well he looks pretty damn good in these drills. Keep in mind he's only a freshman in this first clip and the stuff he's already doing with his left hand is REALLY impressive:

Nik hit the weight room pretty hard after his freshmen campaign at Michigan. After packing on 15 lbs of muscle and adding 6" to his vertical over the summer, he wanted to put his newly acquired hops on display:

Not entirely convinced Nik is an elite shooter? Well here he is going 70/76... outside... in the RAIN. He hits 40+ in a row and he doesn't miss until about 3:30 into the damn video:

Wondering what exactly it was that caught Pete D'Alessandro's eye when he visited Stauskas for a pre-draft workout in Chicago? Well here's a glimpse at one of those very workouts. Note the unbelievably effortless stroke on his jumper:

Draft Express always puts together the best scouting reporting videos. They're basically required viewing this time of year. Want to get better acquainted with Nik's strengths AND weaknesses? Here's a very comprehensive breakdown:

Finally, and this one might be my favorite, here's a look at draft day in New York through the eyes of Nik and his family. It's about 15 mins of some really inside stuff that we normally don't get to see from this vantage point. The commentary from his parents when Nik takes the stage with Adam Silver is priceless. This is really cool:

I dunno about you guys, but I can't wait to see this kid play! Hopefully that holds us all over till Summer League. If you find any videos I missed, share them in the comments. And in the meantime, thanks for all the videos "Tube!"