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Inside The Kings Draft War Room Part 2

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Part 2 of Grantland's behind-the-scenes Draft 3.0 piece, that takes us inside the Kings draft war room, came out today!

Grantland released part 2 of their Draft 3.0 behind-the-scenes video series today. This episode that takes us inside Pete D'Alessandro's war room on draft night. As awesome as part 1 was... part 2 is even better!

The video confirms, as had been rumored, that the Kings seriously considering moving up in the draft to take Joel Embiid. The crowd-sourced analytics team in the room indicated they would have had him #1 on their draft board had he not sustained his foot injury. At one point Pete tells Vivek he was talking to Philly, presumably in an attempt to move up for Embiid, only to be turned down. Philadelphia does eventually proposes a trade with the Kings however, offering the 10th pick and two 2nds for the 8th pick. Pete and Vivek say no.

We all know who the Kings ended up picking at this point. What you might not have known is that the 8th pick eventually came down to Elfrid Payton or Nik Stauskas. We get to watch them wrestle with the final choice and ultimately go with Stauskas to help with perimeter shooting. Interestingly, it would appear that Noah Vonleh wasn't really on the team's radar at all.

This is super fascinating stuff!