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Report: Kings extend deadline on decision for Acy, exploring ways to keep him

Acy's time as a King may not be over yet as the Kings now have more time to figure out a way to keep him.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Don't count out Quincy Acy just yet.

According to Jason Jones, the Kings have agreed to extend the deadline on whether or not to guarantee his contract from July 25th to August 15th.

By extending the deadline (something both the team and player have to agree upon), the Kings now have a bit more time to explore options to retain him.  The most obvious way would be to reduce team salary through a trade or buyout before that August 15th deadline.  Jason Terry is the most likely candidate to be moved, as he's already declared an interest to play for a contender.  Travis Outlaw and Derrick Williams are also possibilities as they have expiring contracts.

Whatever the case, finding a way to retain Acy would be a much preferable solution to losing out on him simply because of financial inflexibility from the rest of the roster.