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The complex relationship between Jason Thompson and Kings fans

Jason Thompson has fallen out of favor with Kings fans, but it's just because both parties are ready to move on.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

I recently found myself repeatedly discussing the Kings' need to dump Jason Thompson.  I would almost always use that same term.  Dump.  Jason Thompson has definitely fallen out of favor around here, but it's a strange and complex situation.  Most Kings fans would likely rejoice if Thompson was traded, but I don't think there are many Kings fans who actually dislike JT.

Thompson is considered a salary cap issue, but doesn't actually have a terrible contract.  He's due $6 million this season, $6.4 million next year, and $6.8 million in his final year.  3 years, $19 million is a little more than what Thompson is probably worth, but Jodie Meeks just got the same amount from the Pistons this offseason.  For what he brings to the table, I'd rather have Thompson.  The length of JT's deal has been problematic, but he's now under contract for just as long as Carl Landry and Darren Collison.  With the salary cap expected to rise dramatically in the next few seasons, his contract will become even less problematic.

The biggest issue has been Thompson's disagreement with his role.  Thompson wants to be a bigger part of the team, but the team is understandably prioritizing the use of DeMarcus Cousins and Rudy Gay.  Thompson has dealt with a lot of adversity since joining the Kings, and would probably thrive in a new situation and in a different role. But convincing a team to gamble on that outcome is difficult.

Thompson's been an easy guy to root for.  He's still a serviceable big man.  But we've got a logjam at power forward, and he's unhappy here.  It's just time for both parties to move on.  Thompson is the most likeable guy I've ever hoped to see traded.

I desperately want Jason Thompson traded, but I'll be sad to see him eventually go.