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Kings hire Tyrone Corbin as lead assistant coach

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He's already got his ties picked out.
He's already got his ties picked out.
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

In the background of this offseason, the Kings have quietly been searching for a new head assistant coach.  Brendan Malone, Michael Malone's father, was originally the lead assistant before abruptly resigning the position in the pre-season.  Chris Jent stepped into the role last season as there was little to no time for the Kings to find a new lead assistant.

Sam Amick of USA Today reports that the Kings have finally filled the position by signing former Utah Jazz head coach Tyrone Corbin.  Corbin was let go at the end of the season and replaced by Quin Snyder, having carried the Jazz to a 112-146 record since Jerry Sloan's retirement in 2011.  Corbin has years of coaching experience in the NBA, having served as Sloan's assistant for 7 years before taking the main job himself.  He also had a 16 year NBA career in which he served two times with the Kings, the first in 1995-96 and then again in 1999-00.

Corbin joins a coaching staff consisting of Malone, Jent,  Corliss Williamson, Dee Brown and Micah Nori.