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Kings Sign Sim Bhullar To Training Camp Deal

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The Kings made a BIG signing this afternoon... like 7 feet 5 inches big.

Sim City is BIG
Sim City is BIG

It appears that the Kings came to an agreement with undrafted rookie, Sim Bhullar, this afternoon.  You can credit Sim City himself for breaking the news of his signing on twitter:

The 7'5" 360 lbs Indio-Canadian represents the first NBA player of Indian decent.  And while he's proven to be extremely popular, he definitely falls into the "project" category.  He played 2 seasons for New Mexico State where he averaged 10.2 points (.633 fg), a ridiculous 2.9 blocks, and 7.2 rebounds in 25.3 minutes per game.  Bhullar also received very limited minutes on the King's Summer League team this summer in Vegas, where most observers agreed that conditioning appeared to be Sim's biggest area of weakness.

News 10's Sean Cunningham reported that Sim's contract is of the Training Camp variety and he'll likely find himself in Reno eventually:

Having been at Summer League myself, I can say that concerns about Sim's ability to get up and down the floor throughout an NBA game are VERY valid.  But I'll say this for the kid... he has nice hands and pretty decent footwork with his back to the basket.  And you know how they say you can't teach size?  Well you definitely can't teach 7'5"!

I don't expect we'll see Bhullar on a regular season NBA roster in the near future, but another big body for DeMarcus Cousins to bang against in training camp can't hurt.

If nothing else, this ought to be interesting.  Good luck Sim City!