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Vivek Ranadive And Chris Mullin Take Ice Bucket Challenge

We may have a nominee for coolest Ice Bucket Challenge video ever...

Unless you've been living under a rock this summer, you've noticed your social media feed is chalk full of people dumping buckets of icy water on their heads. Big name celebs like LeBron James, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook, Oprah Winfrey, and everyday folks alike, have been posting Ice Bucket Challenge videos to raise money/awareness for ALS, also know as "Lou Gehrig's Disease." And as crazy as this sounds, it appears to be working. The ALS Association says they've received $13.3 million in donations since July. When you compare that to the $1.7 million they received over the same period last year it's clear that the Ice Bucket Challenge is moving the needle substantially.

In fact, earlier this week, DeMarcus Cousins, Rudy Gay, along with several other's from the Team USA squad, took the Ice Bucket Challenge themselves.

Not one to be outdone, Kings owner and part-time super hero, Vivek Ranadivé, grabbed his good buddies Chris Mullin, and Sunil Gulati (president of the of United States Soccer Federation) and said, "Hey bro's, lets head out to this busy New York City sidewalk and dump buckets of icy cold water on our heads for charity." And then, as if this wasn't already the most BOSS sounding thing ever, he had Rudy Gay and freaking Rod Stewart (yes, THAT Rod Stewart) dump the ice water on their heads!!

Vivek makes it clear that he and his crew are going to be donating and goes on to up the anti by issuing the icy challenge to none other than Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban! To round things out, Chris Mullin challenged the other members of Run TMC (Mitch Richmond and Tim Hardaway), and Sunil Gulati challenged the whole U.S. Women's National Soccer team!

The gauntlet has been thrown down friends. Mr. Cuban, Mitch, Timmy, Alex Morgan, Hope Solo, Abby Wambach, Sydney Leroux... Top that!