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The Sacramento Kings All-Time Draft: Rounds 3 & 4

With the first two rounds of the All-Time draft out of the way, the draft heads into murky waters as they wrap up the first half.


Yesterday's first couple rounds of the All-Time Kings draft brought some surprising choices, but most of the big names in Kings history have already been taken off the board.  That's something we found out while doing this exercise: when you've only really had about on decade of success in 30 years, you tend not to have a lot of phenomenal players in your team's history.

As such, the drafting gets more interesting from here on out in my opinion because there are some less obvious choices to be made.  That being said, there's still some solid talent left on the board so let's see where they end up today as we finish off the first half of the All-Time Kings Draft!



Pick 17

With the 17th pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Blake selects Rudy Gay.

I am going to solidify the small forward spot with Rudy Gay. We all know how good he was last season with the Kings and since we are only going off the years these players were in Sacramento, I feel pretty confident throwing Rudy out there. With these two picks alongside Webber, I think I have three solid guys to build around.

Pick 18

With the 18th pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Greg selects Otis Thorpe.

Sunuva.  Was really hoping to snag Gay on the way back.  Much more difficult decision at this point with him gone.  I'll select Otis Thorpe for my power forward.  In the two seasons as a Kings starter (86-87 and 87-88), Thorpe was good for 19 points and 10 rebounds per game.  Since we're only looking at a player's time with the Kings, this will do just fine.  Even in a less-impressive 85-86 campaign, mostly coming off the bench, Thorpe's per minute numbers are still impressive.

Pick 19

With the 19th pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Kevin selects Kevin Martin.

Okay, I actually gambled earlier hoping this player would still be around. I want to pair Peja with another elite scorer and there's still a great one on the board.  In fact, this gentleman has been a scoring machine his entire career. During his time with the Kings he averaged 17.1pts (.449 fg% and .386 3p%) while averaging a franchise high 6.4 free throw attempts per game (85% of which he knocked down).

You guys better start drafting some lockdown perimeter defenders 'cause I'm taking Kevin Martin suckas!

Pick 20

With the 20th pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Brad selects Bonzi Wells.

I am going to continue my streak of guys that are going to annoy your team when you play them, and take Bonzi Wells at the 2. Guy averaged about 14 and 8 during the season at the 2, and a crazy 23-12 in the Playoffs in his single season with the Kings. He also proved to be clutch at times, nailing that awesome buzzer beater vs. Toronto, and was the perfect player to complement my first pick, Ron Artest.

Pick 21

With the 21st pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Akis selects Danny Ainge.

I guess this is where I say that I drafted Danny Ainge.  Ainge was only here for a year, but his veteran leadership, championship experience and shooting are all things I'm looking for.  With Cousins as my franchise player, Ainge is a good complement in that he can keep the offense running smoothly while also not needing to dominate the ball.  I also know that he can split ballhandling duties with Christie and play off the ball to utilize his three point shooting (right around 38% when he was in Sacramento).

Pick 22

With the 22nd pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Robby selects Corliss Williamson.

Big Nasty baby. Going for the all nick name team. Plus I have no forwards and he can play both. He can also defend. I completely lack any athleticism but there's a cure for that coming up. Though no idea of what kind of offense this team is going to run. Which, once again, makes it a perfect Kings team.

Pick 23

With the 23rd pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Adam selects Tyreke Evans.

I guess this is where I end the suspense by taking Tyreke Evans because of recency bias, the fact that I just recently woke up from a sleep I do not regret, and the fact that I kind of like the idea of him with a passing big man and in a backcourt with Bibby.  I know I said I was surrounding Bibby and Miller with shooting, but it's only a matter of time before he gets that down right? Right?

Pick 24

With the 24th pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Bryant selects LaSalle Thompson.

I fill out my big men with a tank. His peak with the Kings was the first year in Sacramento when he averaged 12.8 points and 9.6 rebounds a contest with 1.5 blocks a game. He's not a huge scoring threat, but that's not needed next to Tisdale.


Pick 25

With the 25th pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Bryant selects Walt Williams.

3.5 seasons in Sacramento produced a combined averaged of 14.9 points and 4.4 rebounds. He offers my team a third capable scorer and finally offers my squad some relief from three (he shot 35% from three his third season in Sac).

Pick 26

With the 26th pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Adam selects Hedo Turkoglu.

I'm taking Hedo Turkoglu and pairing him with the guy he was traded for, Brad Miller, and two players he'll complement well in Evans and Bibby. He also gives us three point shooting and lineup versatility.

Pick 27

With the 27th pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Robby selects Gerald Wallace.

Gerald Wallace. Obviously the years in Sac were defined by one pre-season dunk but his lack of stats was owed less to lack of talent and more to lack of playing time. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

Pick 28

With the 28th pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Akis selects Lionel Simmons.

At this point in the draft the holes in my lineup are my other frontcourt positions.  I flirted briefly with the idea of drafting a Samuel Dalembert or Keon Clark here to pair with Cousins and add rim protection, but there's one guy at the 3 that I think was simply too talented to pass up and that's Lionel Simmons (Also drafting Clark would go against my motive of putting good team guys around Cousins).

Simmons only lasted 7 years in the league (all with Sacramento) and his last three were all marred by injury, but in his first four seasons he was Mitch Richmond's #2 and looking like he could be a very good player for the Kings in the long run.  He averaged a little over 17 points a game in his first four seasons and he also was a tremendous rebounder and passer for his position adding in about 8 rebounds and 4 assists a game.  Simmons brings me versatility.

Pick 29

With the 29th pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Brad selects Drew Gooden.

Fact: Only one Sacramento King ever averaged 12 points and 13 boards and literally put those numbers up every game he played here.

Fact: We are to judge said players we draft, judging only by their tenure with the Kings.

Conclusion: I am picking Drew Gooden with at the 4. Another tough guy who may anger the other team. Will give his all out effort, and will fit in perfectly with my scrappy little roster. Yes. That. Just. Happened.

Pick 30

With the 30th pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Kevin selects Spud Webb.

Alright gentlemen, at this point I want someone who can distribute, push the tempo at breakneck speeds, penetrate to the basket from time to time, and knock down the open jumper.  I need a PG and I'm going to take one of the best ones to ever play in Sacramento.

I'm honestly shocked he's still available at this point.  This lil guy played 4 years in Sacramento and they were the most productive years of his career (16pts/7.1asts, 14.5pts/7asts, 12.7pts/6.7asts, and 11.6pts/6.2asts). 
Greg said Isaiah would be the best backcourt partner that Mitch Richmond ever played with... well I think Spud Webb wants to have a word with you son!

Webb averaged 13.7pts , 6.7 asts, and 1.3 stls during his time in Sacramento and was one of the best free throw shooters i've ever seen in my life. Spud paved the way for the IT's of the world.

Webb is another personal favorite of mine. Spud caused fits for the opposing team's defense. He was so fast, and so low to the ground at 5'6, that it was basically impossible to pick his pocket or stay in front him. He NEVER shied away from contact and made up for a lack of height with incredible athleticism and a series of high arching runners and layups that kissed off the VERY top off the backboard before finding their way into the basket.

Honestly, highlights of his famous dunk contest victory aside, I'm not sure most Kings fans remember Spud's game.  -

Pick 31

With the 31st pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Greg selects Jason Thompson.

How has this guy last to the end of the fourth round?  Wow.  Cold world.  I'm taking Jason Thompson.

There's a lack of good big men in Kings history, and I'm happy to pair JT with Otis Thorpe in my front court.  JT should be a nice compliment to Thorpe, and has the versatility to slide between playing center or power forward, which will help as I fill in my roster with big men with a more specific skill set.  Per 36 minutes, JT has career averages of 13 and 9. Yes please.

Pick 32

With the 32nd pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Blake selects Samuel Dalembert.

Blake's explanation:

I need a center (rim protector) and a shooting guard and I waited too long to get an elite player at each position. I almost went Duane Causwell for his blocks, but soon discovered that in the one season he was here, Samuel Dalembert averaged the same 1.5 blocks per game that Causwell did over his Kings career. And he did more on the offensive end and on the boards also. Dalembert averaged 8.1 points and 8.2 rebounds in 2010-11. So I am going with him. But whatever you do Sammy, please do not shoot! I mean it; just let Chris take the shots please.



Here are the teams halfway through the draft:

Team Blake: Chris Webber, Kenny Smith, Rudy Gay, Samuel Dalembert

Team Greg: Mitch Richmond, Isaiah Thomas, Otis Thorpe, Jason Thompson

Team Kevin: Peja Stojakovic, Brian Grant, Kevin Martin, Spud Webb

Team Brad: Ron Artest, Bobby Jackson, Bonzi Wells, Drew Gooden

Team Akis: DeMarcus Cousins, Doug Christie, Danny Ainge, Lionel Simmons

Team Robby: Vlade Divac, Jason Williams, Corliss Williamson, Gerald Wallace

Team Adam: Mike Bibby, Brad Miller, Tyreke Evans, Hedo Turkoglu

Team Bryant: Reggie Theus, Wayman Tisdale, LaSalle Thompson, Walt Williams

Let us know in the comments what you think of the latest rounds and what you would have done differently if you were one of the GMs.  Be sure to stay tuned for the rest of the draft tomorrow and Thursday!