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The Sacramento Kings All-Time Draft: Final Rounds

In which Brad starts making players up.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Our All-Time Draft concludes today as each GM rounds out their team with a couple of bench players.  At one point Brad started making up players.

Tomorrow we will hold a poll to determine the rankings of each team and hear from each GM on how they view their team working along with a stats breakdown on each team based on averages from each players years with the Kings.  You will then decide which team is best per your judgements.

But first, let's see what the final round has in store!



Pick 49

With the 49th pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Blake selects Rory Sparrow.

For my next pick I am going to get my backup point guard. Rory Sparrow averaged 10.4 points, 4.5 assists, 2.3 rebounds and 1 steal per game in his one season with the Kings (90-91). Oh, and he shot 49 percent from the field in 74 games started.

Pick 50

With the 50th pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Greg selects Mahmoud Abdul-Raouf.

Since I draft Isaiah, by Kings bylaws I'm required to take a point guard to challenge him for my starting role. I'll take Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf. A scoring point guard and one of the purest free throw shooters to have played the game. His time in Sacramento wasn't great, but his per minute numbers were good enough for me this last in the draft.

Pick 51

With the 51st pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Kevin selects Ricky Berry.

Having only played one season in the NBA before tragically taking his own life, Ricky Berry displayed the talent to be one of the best players to ever put on a Kings jersey.  Berry was a superb athlete who had the ability to play SG or SF at 6'8" tall.  And while I was only JUST old enough to know what was going on, he was probably one of the best shooters I've ever seen in my life.  Ricky's rookie season statistics only hint at the player he might have been. He averaged a modest 11pts (.450 fg% & .406 3p%), 3.1rebs, and 1.3asts, but his per 36 minute numbers paint a more clear picture of his abilities (18pts, 5rebs).

Jerry Reynolds had this to say about him in his book:

"I think Ricky would have been very similar to Dale Ellis. He would have been a 20 point scorer for many years. Ricky probably shot the ball deep as easily as Ellis or Peja Stojakovic-- maybe he wasnt' as consistent as those guys from the outside, but Ricky had more ability going to the basket. He was quicker and more athletic than either of them, and if a defender tried to take away the outside shot, Ricky would have gone right around him. Whether Ricky would have scored 20 or 25 points per game, I don't know. The only question in my mind was how many times he'd make the All-Star team."

To this day no one, except maybe Ricky's family, has any idea why he might have taken his own life and his suicide goes down as the greatest tragedy in Sacramento Kings history.  But it's also a largely forgotten tragedy that has somehow been swept under the run so to speak.  Hopefully the more we talk about it, the more we can remove the stigmas surrounding the feelings of hopelessness, mental illness, and depression that can lead to these sorts of tragedies.

Okay, off my soapbox. Ricky was an amazing player with an incredibly high ceiling. We'd be doing fans a disservice if no one were to draft him and I would be silly to not want his shooting off my bench.  We can only pray for a different outcome.

Pick 52

With the 52nd pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Brad selects Travis Outlaw.

I pick the greatest basketball player, philanthropist, Nuclear physicist, and all around human being in history. Travis Outlaw. He outperforms Kevin Durant. He makes anything he shoots. He has an awesome voice. There is literally no downside to this pick. In loving memory of his tenure here, and in honor of children everywhere. Travis Outlaw. You are my pick!

Pick 53

With the 53rd pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Akis selects Carl Landry.

I pick Carl Landry, who I can't believe fell this far.  He's the perfect bench big for me and in his first stint in Sacramento proved to be a very effective and efficient scorer.  I view Carl and Shareef as similar players, although Carl's low post-game is better.  At this point in the draft I'm extremely pleased to get a player of Landry's value.

Pick 54

With the 54th pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Robby selects Tyus Edney.

Tyus Edney. Because why not?

Pick 55

With the 55th pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Adam selects Marcus Thornton.

Marcus Thornton circa 2012.  Damn I'm young.  Still, this is the season in which Thornton averaged over 20 points a game for us and earned him a large extension that at the time seems fair.  Now we know better though.

Pick 56

With the 56th pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Bryant selects John Salmons.

This and my following pick might make everyone hate my team, but talent wise, it had to be done. Salmons was the best player for the Kings for a time (albeit on the worst team in squad history), but in his prime he could score, shoot, defend and pass. He gives me versatility and that's all I can ask for at this point.


Pick 57

With the 57th pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Bryant selects Olden Polynice.

Again, not gonna help my teams likability, and I don't have a pressing need for a big man, but he's the best talent left on the board in my book. His peak average in Sac was 12.2 points and 9.4 rebounds on 52.7% shooting. Combine him with Wayman Tisdale, LaSalle Thompson and Antoine Carr, and I think I've got the best (at least deepest) big man corps.

Pick 58

With the 58th pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Adam selects Harold Pressley.

With my last pick I didn't want to continue the theme of picking recent-to-current era players so in an attempt to demonstrate that I'm older and wiser than my youth suggests I scoured the market for the most obscure to me sounding and old-timey wing player. Enter Pressley.

Pick 59

With the 59th pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Robby selects Darius Songaila.

In lieu of an explanation, here is how this pick went down:

Robby: Am I picking? I'm at the doctor. Darius Songaila.


Robby: Don't mock me damn it! What if I'm diagnosed with something serious? You will rue your taunts!

Kevin: I thought it was a good pick!! Don't be sick Robby!!!

Robby: Well sick in the slang way is okay. And I'm fine. They actually had to give me a tetanus shot because they have to give a reason for the visit to the provider and there wasn't anything alternatively wrong with me.  Though I probably answered the drinking question a little less honestly than I could have.

Bryant: I vote we just publish this entire e-mail chain for the article.  Like how Bill Simmons publishes email discussions between his writers, only better and with more swearing.

Kevin: Seconded, dick head.

Pick 60

With the 60th pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Akis selects Tony Delk.

Alright, my final pick to round out what is clearly the best and most well-rounded team in this exercise is... Tony Delk! (who for some reason I remember being way better than I thought he was).  One of my earliest favorite players, Delk might best be remembered for what he did to the Kings the year after he was a King, when he dropped 52 on us.  He's a tough, scoring guard who will be a solid option off the bench for me.  While he's definitely not a pass-first guy, I've got a lot of good passers on my team already at different positions.

Pick 61

With the 61st pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Brad selects Jawann Oldham.

I am looking for 2 things now. Blocking and rebounding. I need someone at the end of the bench who can give me those in limited minutes. I am picking Jawann Oldham. A 1 year king from 1988 who averaged 6 pts 6 boards and 2 blocks in just 18 minutes a game. He provides another tough body that can give me a spark when he is called upon.

Pick 62

With the 62nd pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Kevin selects Jim Les.

I still need a second ball handler and I'm realizing this is a HUGE error in judgement on my part.  Let this be a lesson to everyone reading:

If you're ever tasked with drafting the best 8 man team you can from a pool of every player to EVER play on the Sacramento kings and you want to have 2 decent PG's... you better pick them with your first two picks! It's unbelievable few good options there are in the Point Guard department. I could really pick anyone I want at this point, and no one could argue that there was really a better option.

My team is stacked with good shooters so I really only need someone who can distribute at a pretty good rate. Sergio Rodriguez and Greivis Vasquez are still on the board but meh.  Mateen Cleaves was a REALLY good dancer but I find that intimidating.  Bobby Hurley is still on the board but he might be the worst shooter of all time.  Aside from those guys if I go down the list it's like: Six decent point guards... Bunch of dudes i've never heard of... Eddie house... Bunch of dudes i've never heard of... Luther Head... You get the point.

You know what?  Screw it.  I'm taking Jim Les. He'll fit right in on my team full of shooters. He shot the crap out of the ball from distance (.416 3p%).  And he could distribute at a really high rate.  Per 36 he averaged more than 7 assists per game with the 10th highest assist % in Sac Kings history.  He's also the head coach at UC Davis right now so I feel this will earn me some of that local karma.  Let it fly Jim!

Pick 63

With the 63rd pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Greg selects Patrick Patterson.

Because why not.

Pick 64

With the 64th pick of the Sactown Royalty All-Time Kings Draft, Blake selects Michael "The Animal" Smith.

Blake's explanation:

Because he's the Animal.



Here are the final teams:

Team Blake: Chris Webber, Kenny Smith, Rudy Gay, Samuel Dalembert, Eddie Johnson, Billy Owens, Rory Sparrow, Michael Smith

Team Greg: Mitch Richmond, Isaiah Thomas, Otis Thorpe, Jason Thompson, Sarunas Marciulionis, Lawrence Funderburke, Mahmoud Abdul-Raouf, Patrick Patterson

Team Kevin: Peja Stojakovic, Brian Grant, Kevin Martin, Spud Webb, Scot Pollard, Rodney McCray, Ricky Berry, Jim Les

Team Brad: Ron Artest, Bobby Jackson, Bonzi Wells, Drew Gooden, Michael Stewart, Beno Udrih, Travis Outlaw, Jawann Oldham

Team Akis: DeMarcus Cousins, Doug Christie, Danny Ainge, Lionel Simmons, Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Cuttino Mobley, Carl Landry, Tony Delk

Team Robby: Vlade Divac, Jason Williams, Corliss Williamson, Gerald Wallace, Keon Clark, Jim Jackson, Tyus Edney, Darius Songaila

Team Adam: Mike Bibby, Brad Miller, Tyreke Evans, Hedo Turkoglu, Francisco Garcia, Duane Causwell, Marcus Thornton, Harold Pressley

Team Bryant: Reggie Theus, Wayman Tisdale, LaSalle Thompson, Walt Williams, Antoine Carr, Jon Barry, John Salmons, Olden Polynice

Let us know in the comments what you think of the latest rounds and what you would have done differently if you were one of the GMs.  Tomorrow we'll vote on the winner!