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Arena Progress Update: Day 25

Andy Sims

It's been over a week since our last arena update, and since then, big time progress has been made on demolishing 515 L Street.

Cowbell Kingdom's James Ham and Jonathan Santiago were able to take a tour of some of the interior last Friday and you can read about that experience here. One of the more interesting tidbits I took from that piece was the fact that 75% of the materials taken from demolishing the downtown plaza will be recycled, with some being used for the new arena itself and most for roads.  There's also an estimate in there that we could be seeing actual steel rising from the site by February or March, which would be ahead of schedule.

I would also recommend reading James' Sunday Musings, in which he talks about his prior experience helping renovate the original Downtown Plaza back in 1993.

As usual we've compiled pictures as sent to us by fans and taken by our own Blake Ellington from this past week.  First up here's a couple photos and video taken by Blake around the 18th:



And video:

And some pictures from Andy Sims throughout the week:









Today there will be an open house from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at 660 J Street, Suite 360. Project representatives will provide a project overview and timeline. The public is invited to ask questions about the demolition/construction. Information can be found here.

You can send us pictures to be featured on the site at If you are taking pictures, please make sure to be courteous of the workers and do not access restricted parts of the site or interrupt work that is underway.