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Reminder: Nik Stauskas is a better shooter than you

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Jonathan Daniel

The offseason doldrums are upon us, with the Kings reportedly looking at Russian guards and Greg writing DeMarcus Cousins fan fiction, but meanwhile the Kings players are hard at work getting ready.  We already know Cousins and Rudy Gay are doing their best to bring home the Gold for Team USA in Spain these next couple weeks and Jason Terry is even getting shots up in the Kings practice facility.

Rookie Nik Stauskas is coming off a Summer League Championship (almost quite literally it seems) but is hard at work perfecting his craft.  Stauskas became a bit internet famous in college for videos of him nailing three after three, and his latest video is no exception.

15 consecutive threes in 46 seconds.  That's obscene, and he already should probably be considered one of the better shooters the Kings have ever had.  He shot over 44% from three in both of his years at Michigan despite shooting almost 6 attempts a game.

Is it too early to start lobbying for Nik to get into the three point shootout?