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Rajon Rondo wants to be traded, but not to the Kings

Rondo wants to be traded, but has made it known he will not re-sign with the Kings if traded to Sacramento.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Rajon Rondo has reportedly told the Boston Celtics that he will not re-sign with them next offseason, and would like to be traded. While this initially seems like good news for the Kings, who have been reportedly interested in the Celtics point guard, Rondo also indicated he would not re-sign with Sacramento if traded there.

This leaves the Kings in a difficult predicament.  The Kings could still trade for Rondo, and hope to sell him on Sacramento's future. The Kings used this same approach with Rudy Gay. While it remains to be seen if Gay will opt to stay with Sacramento long term, he opted to stay for the coming season. Of course, the cost to acquire Rondo is likely different than the Kings' cost to acquire Gay. Toronto took back players who Sacramento was happy to be rid of. Boston is likely to want young pieces with upside, such as Ben McLemore.

Acquiring Rondo always seemed like a longshot for the Kings, this simply makes it seem more unlikely.