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Ben McLemore fuels new speculation that the Kings may retire Peja Stojakovic's number


The Kings will be celebrating their 30th season in Sacramento.  In that time, the Kings have retired four jerseys: the recently Hall of Fame inducted Mitch Richmond (#2), the fans (#6) Vlade Divac (#21), and Chris Webber (#4).

Last year, Kings rookie Ben McLemore chose #16 as his jersey number when his preferred choice of #23 (which he wore in college) was already taken by Marcus Thornton.  McLemore was just the 2nd player in Kings history to wear #16 with the first being Peja Stojakovic.

There's been debate among Kings fans on whether Stojakovic deserves his jersey retired for some time now.  I'm of the opinion that he should be in the rafters, but then again, I'm a little biased as he's my favorite player ever.

Today McLemore made some not so subtle hints that he's switching jersey numbers on Twitter, almost certainly to #23 now that it's available with Thornton being traded last year.  He followed up with this tweet to Peja himself:

Now, it could be that McLemore is simply changing jersey numbers and that the Kings have no plans to retire Peja's jersey, but where's the fun in that?  If the Kings did retire Peja's jersey, it'd be nice to do it in the arena that he spent most of his career in before the team moves Downtown in a couple years.

Along with the current jerseys retired in Sacramento, the Kings have also retired jerseys for Tiny Archibald (#1), Bobby Davies (#11), Maurice Stokes (#12), Oscar Robertson (#14), Jack Twyman (#27) and Sam Lacey (#44) from previous stops in Cincinnati, Kansas City, and Rochester.