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Omri Casspi confirms he's signing with the Kings

Ronald Martinez

In case you were wondering what's been going on with the Kings and Omri Casspi, we've finally got some clarification from the man himself.  The Kings seemingly wrapped up negotiations with Omri Casspi to sign a one year deal back in late July, but since then, there has not been official word of his signing.

Today, Casspi tweeted out this picture of his old jersey along with a short message:

The Kings have still not officially acknowledged his signing, but as we've been saying since Casspi was released off of waivers, he's going to be a Sacramento King this year.  The delay was likely due to Casspi's overseas duties back in his homeland of Israel this summer.

Casspi returns to Sacramento after a poor stint with the Cavaliers and a much better one with the Rockets.  Casspi seemed to embrace being a roleplayer in Houston and the Kings will look for more of the same.