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30Q: Do the Kings actually have a deep bench now?

The Kings haven't made any huge moves this offseason but they have added quite a few complementary pieces.

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sport

The Kings have been pretty active this offseason, even if it's only been minor moves and additions rather than a major game-changing trade or signing.  This past week saw the Kings add Ryan Hollins, Omri Casspi and Ramon Sessions, and they've also added Nik Stauskas and Eric Moreland earlier in the summer.

Personally, I don't think the Kings are completely done making moves just yet, especially considering that the logjam that is the Power Forward position still exists.  But as of now, I look at our team and see one of the better benches that we've had in years.

That might sound like an exaggeration, but I don't think it is, especially if you consider getting Carl Landry back and healthy as another addition to our team that we didn't really have last year.

Here's a quick look at our current depth chart:

C: DeMarcus Cousins / Jason Thompson / Ryan Hollins
PF: Reggie Evans / Carl Landry / Eric Moreland
SF: Rudy Gay / Derrick Williams / Omri Casspi
SG: Ben McLemore / Nik Stauskas
PG: Darren Collison / Ramon Sessions / Ray McCallum

Now a few of those players can also play multiple positions but for once the Kings actually have quality players at every position.  Compare that chart to our depth chart at the start of last few seasons.  Players with a PER above 15 who played significant minutes ( > 500) in bold:


C: DeMarcus Cousins / Chuck Hayes / Hamady N'Diaye
PF: Patrick Patterson / Jason Thompson
SF: John Salmons / Luc Mbah a Moute / Travis Outlaw
SG: Marcus Thornton / Ben McLemore / Jimmer Fredette
PG: Greivis Vasquez / Isaiah Thomas / Ray McCallum


C: DeMarcus Cousins / Chuck Hayes
PF: Jason Thompson / Thomas Robinson
SF: Tyreke Evans / John Salmons / James Johnson / Travis Outlaw
SG: Marcus Thornton / Francisco Garcia / Tyler Honeycutt
PG: Isaiah Thomas / Jimmer Fredette


C: DeMarcus Cousins / Chuck Hayes / Hassan Whiteside
PF: Jason Thompson / J.J. Hickson
SF:  John Salmons / Travis Outlaw / Donté Greene
SG: Marcus Thornton / Francisco Garcia / Tyler Honeycutt
PG: Tyreke Evans / Isaiah Thomas / Jimmer Fredette


C: Samuel Dalembert / Jason Thompson / Hassan Whiteside
PF: DeMarcus Cousins / Carl Landry / Darnell Jackson
SF: Francisco Garcia / Omri Casspi / Antoine Wright / Donté Greene
SG: Tyreke Evans / Luther Head
PG: Beno Udrih / Pooh Jeter

The only above average bench performer the Kings have really had in the last four seasons has been Isaiah Thomas, and he quickly won back his starting position when Greivis Vasquez was sent out in the trade that brought back Rudy Gay.  In Ramon Sessions, the Kings now have a player who has made a career out of being a productive bench player.  Carl Landry also has a history of being a solid bench player, having been in 6th man of the year conversations in both Houston and Golden State.  Last year he only played 18 games for the Kings, all while rehabbing from a hip injury suffered in the preseason.  That short comeback didn't last long either, as he then suffered a knee injury that cost him the rest of the season.

There are some unknowns of course.  We don't know if Jason Thompson will bounce back from a bad year, or even if he's going to be on the team at the start of the year.  Derrick Williams and Omri Casspi are not reliable, but our depth is helped there thanks to Rudy Gay's presence.  We also don't know the type of player Nik Stauskas will be, but it's hoped that he could be a type of player that can make an impact early in his career.

Regardless, it seems that the Kings have made depth a priority this offseason and should see less of a drop off when they have to go to the bench.  There's no substitute for star players, but it's nice to have some reliable complementary pieces for once.