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30Q: We answer your questions!

In this special edition of 30Q, you asked the questions.


For today's 30Q, we asked you guys on the website, Facebook and Twitter to submit your Kings-related questions.  We took the 30 best questions and will answer them now!

1. From Twitter, @TylerProbst10 asks "Do you think there will be another trade before the season starts?"

A: I can't say for sure, but right now I would lean towards yes.  The Kings would like to have some clarity at PF, and Pete D'Alessandro is a tinkerer.

2. From Twitter, @bretthuff22 asks "Can the Kings extend Gay AND make a splash in free agency next year?"

A: Yes.  The Kings are currently set to have over $20 million in cap room next offseason without Gay, so depending on how much money the Kings give to Gay in a theoretical extension, they should still have enough to throw some decent money at a quality player.

3. From Twitter, @jaynma23 asks "Will DMC have an MVP season? Not necessarily win the MVP, but good enough to be mixed into winning it."

A: No.  The MVP is almost always the best player of one of the best teams in the league, and the Kings are not going to be anywhere near the top of the NBA standings.  He'd have to have a truly remarkable season to be even considered, and the Kings would have to take a big leap that I don't think they'll be able to pull off with this roster.

4. From Twitter, @yeeanslappos asks "What's up with T-Will? Are the Kings going to sign him or did that not pan out?"

A: The Kings were not close to signing Terrance Williams.  They merely worked him out, just as they have done with multiple other wing players such as Mickael Pietrus, Jamario Moon, Josh Howard and Dahntay Jones.  I would be very surprised if the Kings signed Williams to a contract.  He's been out of the NBA for a reason.

5. From Twitter, @sactownballer03 asks "What does Vivek mean by playing 'position-less' basketball?"

A: To me, this means that the Kings like to get guys that are versatile and play multiple positions.  For example, Rudy Gay is a Small Forward, but the Kings used him as a primary ballhandler at points last season, a tall shooting guard, and even at Power Forward.

6. From Facebook, Chris Rodriguez-Lopez asks "If things don't go so well in the next few seasons, who goes first? Cousins, Malone or Petey D?"

A. Coaches typically are the first to go if teams continue to struggle, but in my opinion, it's Pete D'Alessandro who would be gone before Mike Malone.  If you remember, Vivek hired Malone before he hired anyone for the front office, a sign of just how much he trusts him.  Pete D'Alessandro was hired a few weeks later after emerging as a dark-horse candidate.  The Kings also have Chris Mullin as Vivek's right-hand man, and I think there's an unspoken agreement (just speculation on my part) that should Pete not work out, Mullin would step in.  I don't think anybody is close to being fired however, although a turn for the worse this season could do it.

7. From Facebook, King Patrick asks "Do you think the Kings will make it their goal this upcoming season to make a run for the postseason?"

A: I think that this will be an initial goal, although I do not think it's a realistic one.  Even with an improved DeMarcus Cousins and a returning Rudy Gay, I just don't see this roster as good enough to make a 20 game leap in the win column.  The Suns won 48 games last year and missed out on the Playoffs.  The West is deep and it didn't really get any weaker.  If anything it got stronger, with Danilo Gallinari back in Denver and Omer Asik in New Orleans.

8. From Facebook, Mike Mariedth asks "How many more losing seasons do you think DeMarcus Cousins can handle before he jumps ship like other big name players?"

A: This isn't really Cousins choice, but he's entering the first year of his 4 year max contract this season.  That puts the Kings on a 3 season clock before he could realistically threaten a trade like Kevin Love did this year.  If the Kings are still bad in 3 seasons, he probably should ask for a trade.

9. From the comments, Dub_TC asks "What is your favorite StR meme of all time?"

A: I'm quite partial to "Nobody expects the Yeti" for Beno Udrih.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out this post!

10. From the comments, tke24 asks "Is JT on the roster on opening night?"

A: I would lean towards yes.  Thompson is not an easily tradeable contract, and while I think the Kings do want to trade him, I think any trade would be much easier to complete after Dec. 15th, when Free Agents signed this summer can be traded.

11. From the comments, fryingpan136 asks "How many Sim Bhullars can you fit in a Volkswagen Beetle?"

A: According to, the 2012 Volkswagen Beetle has 29.9 cubic feet of maximum cargo volume, with the seats folded.  Sim Bhullar is 7'5 and 360lbs, which means one Sim Bhullar has a volume of approximately 5.71 cubic feet.  Thus, a 2012 Volkswagen Bettle could fit about 5.23 Sim Bhullars.  It'd be a tight fit though.

12. From the comments, kromeace asks "What player will most likely come off the bench at the start of the season but earn a starting job (if any)?"

A: There are two positions where I see potential moves at the starting position and that's at Power Forward and Shooting Guard.  Power Forward is so logjammed its unclear who should be the starter, so I'm going to go with Nik Stauskas at Shooting Guard, although I think Nik is actually better suited to a bench role since he can create for others and can be more of a primary ballhandler and creator off the bench.

13. From the comments, kwills asks "Should the Kings retire Jerry Lucas' jersey?"

A: This is a bit tricky.  In terms of franchise greats, few players were better than Jerry Lucas.  This is a guy who averaged almost 20 points and 20 rebounds a game for 7 seasons with the Cincinnati Royals.  However, teams don't usually retire jerseys of players from previous cities as it's a bit disingenuous considering that those players don't have any connection to the current city other than that the franchise moved here.  Lucas is already honored as an all-time great by the Hall of Fame, and I think that's enough.

14. From the comments, SactoRyan asks "Most regrettable trade in Kings history?"

A: This one is a blast from the past, but it's probably the August 19th, 1986 trade that sent Larry Drew, Mike Woodson, a 1988 1st round pick and a 1989 2nd round pick to the Los Angeles Clippers for Junior Bridgeman, Franklin Edwards and Derek Smith.  The Kings were coming off an inaugural year in Sacramento that saw them make the playoffs with a 37-45 record.  Drew and Woodson were big pieces of that team, but the Kings decided to take a gamble on acquiring Smith after a couple of big seasons.  Smith never lived up to the hype and he also suffered a knee injury in his first year that killed his career.  The 1988 pick that the Kings sent ended up being the 6th pick in the draft (a valuable commodity even if the draft itself wasn't very good) and the Kings didn't win more than 30 games again until the 1994-95 season, 8 years later.

15. From the comments, SactoRyan asks "Favorite player with less than 1 season as a King?"

A: An interesting question.  I'm not going to count Rudy Gay, as he will be on the team this season, otherwise he'd be it.  I'm going to go with Bonzi Wells, who while he was with the team all season, played just 52 games.  He was critical to Sacramento's playoff push, along with Ron Artest, and he dominated against the Spurs in a playoff series the Kings had a chance to win.  I'm also glad that Wells did us the favor of not signing his horrid extension offer, saving us years of having a huge albatross contract on our hands.

16. From the comments, KINGKENJI asks "Is Michael Malone the best person to coach this young Kings team?"

A: I like what Mike Malone is doing with the team, and think he's done a very good job so far connecting with the players.  Time will tell if his approach is successful however.

17. From the comments, Slam_Dunk asks "Name 10 players on your wish list you hope Pete would acquire"

A: Well there are a bunch of players I could name but wouldn't be realistic, so I'm only going to include players that I think the Kings could realistically acquire with the assets they have.  Some of the names will not surprise long time readers: Paul Millsap, Miles Plumlee, Taj Gibson, Kenneth Faried, Josh Smith, Ed Davis, Jared Dudley, John Henson, Ersan Ilyasova, Ryan Anderson

18. From the comments, SactownheartOChouse asks "How many games do the Kings need to win this season for it to be deemed a success?"

A: They'll have to win more than 30 (definitely more than 28) for it not to be considered a failure I think, but to be considered a success?  Probably more than 35, barring injuries and other occurrences.

19. From the comments, CowbellKings asks "How do you use or evaluate the Pace statistic?"

A: Pace is useful as a complementary statistic.  It lets you sift through the muck of inflated (or under-inflated) stats.

20. From the comments, lfeanyi asks "Which Kings combination of players would have been more successful if given more time to gel?"

A: I think I'll always wonder "what if?" with regards to Tyreke Evans and Kevin Martin.  It's a damn shame that Martin went down with that injury early in the year, because by the time he came back, Evans had exploded and it was his team.

21. From the comments, Hit4TheCycle asks "Favorite Sacramento Kings player nicknames of all time?"

A: My favorite is the "Brock Ness Monster", mainly because I invented it, and then it became popular enough that the Kings even made a promotional night with Brock Ness T-Shirts and everything.

22. From the comments, Klam asks "Does more bench depth offset the loss of Isaiah Thomas?"

A: We'll see.  Isaiah's shots will have to go somewhere, and it's possible that they'll go to less productive options.  Signing Sessions was helpful, and Collison is efficient enough, so I'm not too worried about production at PG right now.

23. From the comments, chupacabra asks "What will the Kings have up their sleeve this year as far as arena improvements and promotions?"

A: You have to realize that with a new arena coming in a couple years, there probably won't be too many improvements to the current arena in that time.  I do know that the Kings will be testing various technology at Sleep Train as preparation for the new arena however, and we'll also see the new court this year.  As for promotions this year, I can't predict anything.  Those usually come up throughout the year.

24. From the comments, 1951 asks "How many three point shots will Nik Stauskas make this year and at what percentage?"

A: I'm going to go with 150 and 40%, which would be the most three pointers made by a King in a single year since Mike Bibby's last full season.  I think he's that good of a shooter, and I used Klay Thompson's rookie numbers as reference.

25. From the comments, CowbellKings asks "How often does the StR staff talk to the Kings organization? Should we be getting more insight on a regular basis from them on their moves?"

A: Every one of the StR staff has day jobs outside of writing for StR.  However, we do have media credentials and do have some access within the organization.  You could consider Blake Ellington our "beat reporter", as he has full season media credentials and does an excellent job of getting interviews with Kings players and staff.  Blake will be at media day this Friday, so you can look forward to that!

26. From the comments, SactownheartOChouse asks "Who will have the better year, Nik or Ben?"

A: This is a tough one.  I reeeeaaally want Ben to do well, but I can't help shake the feeling that Nik is a better, more well-rounded player.  I'm going with Nik, even though I want to say Ben, because that will mean Ben's improved.

27. From the comments, wolfcycle asks "How much is Ranadivé willing to spend on the team, and does it heavily depend on the Front Office's expectations of the team's record with its current core?"

A: I think he's shown a great willingness already to spend on the team, and I wouldn't really worry about the cost cutting the Kings did this summer.  That was mainly for flexibility, and there's really no reason a team like the Kings (non-playoff contenders) should pay the luxury tax.

28. From the comments, double rainbow asks "How important is a pass-first PG?"

A: I'm with Jerry Reynolds on this one.  This whole "pass-first" argument is garbage.  There aren't many successful teams in the NBA with PGs that also aren't great scorers.  Chris Paul is the best passer in the NBA, but also a fantastic scorer.  Look at guys like Tony Parker, Damian Lillard, Stephen Curry.  Those guys are scorers, but they can pass as well.

29. From the comments, KINGKENJI asks "What are the roles of our Assistant Coaches in developing our players?"

A: The Kings' coaching staff is split into several jobs.  Dee Brown and Ryan Bowen are the player development coaches, working with players on their games and such.  Chris Jent is the shooting specialist, and I've seen him working with players on their shots before games, but he was also Malone's right hand man last year.  Corbin will have that position this year, and Micah Nori and Corliss Williamson will also provide support.

30. Who plays Carmichael Dave in the "Here We Stayed" movie?

A: Hmm... I'm gonna go with Bill Burr. Bonus answers: Will Smith plays KJ, John C. Reilly plays George Maloof, David Caruso plays Grant Napear, Jack Nicholson plays David Stern, Colin Farrell as Chris Hansen, Naveen Andrews as Vivek and Nicolas Cage plays Steve Ballmer in the role of a lifetime.


Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit questions.