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30Q: Why is Nik Stauskas a Justin Bieber fan? (He explains)

Friday was Kings media day, and Nik Stauskas is a Belieber.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Media day is a time for every team in the league to get together as a whole for the first time as training camps begin. The hope for the upcoming season and individual goals are topics of discussion, but it also is a time for the players to have a little fun with media members.

So fittingly, during Kings media day on Friday, instead of dodging a question about it, Kings rookie Nik Stauskas gladly broke down why he is Belieber.

"Yeah, I'm a [Justin] Bieber fan. He's just, like here's the thing I tell people when they're like 'oh, Justin Bieber sucks, we hate Justin Bieber.' I'm like, all right, if you're 20 years old and you're a guy, would you not trade your life for his? And the answer every time is yes, you would," said the shooting guard out of Michigan. "His new music, he actually makes good music now. He's kind of changed his genre of music that he has made. And then he's Canadian, so I gotta show him some love there. He's having a good time, he's young, he's got a lot money; he's just living."

Stauskas, who also is Canadian, has admitted that the Orlando Magic asked him about Bieber during pre-draft workouts over the summer. Stauskas said that when he went through his interviews with the Magic, they asked a series of serious questions, but then began asking "Would you rather have this or that" questions. One of those questions was, "Would you rather win rookie of the year or would you rather party with Justin Bieber for a whole summer?"

He responded with:

"I'd rather win rookie of the year, because if I won rookie of the year, Justin Bieber would want to party with me anyway," Stauskas said.

Stauskas has yet to meet Bieber, but he said he hopes to at least once.

The veterans on the team have yet to play any rookie pranks on Stauskas (he doesn't even have a pink Hello Kitty backpack yet, which is a tradition for Kings rookies. He also doesn't have a car or driver's license yet so his teammates can't fill his vehicle up with popcorn). As Stauskas was being interviewed on Friday though, Rudy Gay hinted from behind the media scrum that something is coming for him.

One would think a Justin Bieber backpack would be a good prank...or would Stauskas just appreciate it as a gift?

We'll have more, non-Bieber news, from media day in the coming days.