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Pete D'Alessandro says Kings addressed passing, shooting needs

At the start of the offseason, Kings general manager Pete D'Alessandro set specific goals for himself in terms of roster additions. He says he met those goals.

Photo by Blake Ellington

Going into the offseason, Kings general manager Pete D'Alessandro stressed the need to add more passing and outside shooting.

Specifically, D'Alessandro said he wanted players who can move the ball up the floor and can shoot from three. During media day on Friday, D'Alessandro was asked if he thought he met these goals with his offseason moves. Here's what he had to say.

"Yeah, and particularly with Omri [Casspi]. I think Omri had some of his best shooting here in Sacramento and I think with DeMarcus [Cousins] here in particular that can really help. When you look at the draft pick Nik Stauskas, again, I don't want to put too much on him, but the guy can shoot the lights out, he really can. And even veterans; don't underestimate Darren Collison's ability to shoot, especially from the corners. And [Ramon] Sessions we know is a scorer… I do think we've upgraded shooting. Passing as well, because when you look at the way Nik plays, he's a passer, he likes to pass. We're looking for players; he's a player, Sessions is a player, DC's [Collison] a player. These guys are looking to move the ball, and so I do think we addressed those needs."

The questions now are, how much will these additions actually move the needle and what is in store as far as roster moves in the near future? D'Alessandro said he would continue to work the phones, but doesn't want to make any rash moves and that his approach moving forward will be a little different than it was last season.

"I'll continue to be especially aggressive in my calls early in the year, but again, a little more surgical this year. We really want to upgrade on a different level and it's not a complete overhaul. I think we have some really good players on this team," D'Alessandro said. "When I say surgical, I'm looking very specific at needs and talent."

In terms of rotation players, the Kings shipped out the following players this offseason:

Isaiah Thomas

Travis Outlaw

Aaron Gray

Quincy Acy

And added the following players:

Darren Collison

Ramon Sessions

Omri Casspi

Ryan Hollins

Nik Stauskas

Eric Moreland (likely not a rotation guy at the moment)

We'll have to wait and see how it all plays out, but what do you think? Did D'Alessandro and company hit the mark with these moves? How would you grade the offseason?