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Kings hire stats guru Dean Oliver

The Kings just got a lot smarter.

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We've heard a lot about how the Kings front office under Vivek Ranadivé and Pete D'Alessandro want to embrace analytics as they rebuild the team.  We saw them try something a bit out of the box this summer by crowdsourcing draft data, but now they're going a more conventional route and simply bringing in one of the experts in Dean Oliver.

Oliver is one of the fathers of the NBA analytics movement, helped driven by his publication of Basketball on Paper in 2002.  Oliver has introduced statistics and concepts like Offensive and Defensive Rating, four factor analysis and points produced.

Oliver has previous experience working in the NBA, working with both the Seattle Supersonics and the Denver Nuggets front offices, including when the Nuggets traded for Allen Iverson.  It's yet unclear what exact position that Oliver will have within the Kings front office although it's a good bet it will have to do something with heading the analytics department.  We'll update if we hear further information.