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Sacramento Kings NBA 2K15 ratings revealed

How do the Kings stack up according to the folks at 2k Sports?


The NBA 2k series has become the unquestioned industry leader in NBA video games.  Each year, the big question is how the teams will stack up, and how your favorite players will be rated.  Well, thanks to Operation Sports, we now know how the Kings will start the year.

  • 86   DeMarcus Cousins
  • 82   Rudy Gay
  • 79   Darren Collison
  • 74   Ben McLemore
  • 75   Jason Thompson
  • 75   Carl Landry
  • 74   Ray McCallum
  • 74   Reggie Evans
  • 74   Nik Stauskas
  • 71   Derrick Williams

The list is incomplete, mostly due to roster moves.  The leaks occurred when the Kings still employed Wayne EllingtonJason Terry, and Jeremy Tyler.  The biggest missing piece for the Kings is Ramon Sessions.  Nonetheless, this list give us a pretty good idea of how the Kings are going to stack up.

Personally, I was hoping to see Cousins rated a little higher.  The 2k ratings have traditionally taken a while to catch up when players improve.  Of course, the ratings are updated throughout the season.  I'd expect to see Cousins and Gay improve over the year.

And for what's it's worth, Darren Collison is rated 79 compared to Isaiah Thomas at 80.  I'm sure that won't generate any discussion.