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DeMarcus Cousins sets a goal of only 5 technicals for the season

The Kings big man doesn't want a chance of getting suspended again.

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

DeMarcus Cousins has a bit of a reputation as a hothead, and at times he's deserved it.  Cousins has led the league in technical fouls in both of the last two seasons and has finished in the top 5 every year he's been in the league.  Last year saw him get his 15th technical in a late February matchup with the Houston Rockets, meaning he'd get suspended for each ensuing technical.  After that, Cousins kept his temper in check for almost the entirety of the rest of the season before picking up one in the second to last game of the season, resulting in a suspension during that final game.

This year, Cousins doesn't want to risk that happening again, and so has apparently given himself a new goal.  According to a picture from Reggie Evans' Instagram, Cousins has hung a sign up in his locker allotting himself just 5 technicals for the upcoming season.

I think that's a noble goal.  Cousins is the best player on this team and he needs to lead by example.  He showed in that month long stretch last year that he can control himself, and now he's got a chance to prove it over the course of an entire season.