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Sacramento reportedly looking at dealing Ramon Sessions, maybe for Jordan Farmar

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Despite the flurry of trade activity in the past two weeks from other NBA teams, the Kings have been relatively quiet on the front, which is unusual for this front office.  However, there's still plenty of time before the February 19th trade deadline, and the Sacramento's Jason Jones reports that the Kings could be making a move soon to try to improve their bench.

Ramon Sessions has had the worst year of his career to date, shooting just 35.3% and averaging just 2.5 assists in 25 games this season.  It's possible that the back injury that has kept him out of the last couple weeks had been affecting him, but even still, the Kings need help off the bench.  Rookie Nik Stauskas has struggled to find his shot in the NBA, and Ray McCallum hasn't really set the world on fire as Sacramento's backup while Sessions has been out.

Farmar signed with the Clippers this summer, replacing Darren Collison as their primary backup PG.  Farmar himself has struggled with his shot, making just 38.6% of his field goals, but he's also a much better outside shooter, where he's hit 36.1% from three.  Farmar's assist rate with the Clippers isn't anything special, but it was pretty good in previous years with the Lakers and Nets.  Contract wise, he's on almost the same deal that Sessions is except for the fact that Farmar has a player option for next season.

Personally, I'd be for this deal.  This Kings team could use Farmar's shooting and some reliability from their backup PG.  Sacramento's current backup PGs haven't provided much, and an upgrade would be welcome.  However, one wrinkle is that the Kings might not be trading with just the Clippers.

Boston isn't likely to be as interested in Sessions, especially since he would add to their salary situation for next season.  Sacramento does have the expiring contract of Reggie Evans however, so there are ways to make this deal work that don't involve Sessions, although that's not as ideal for Sacramento.