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Downtown arena gets first concrete pour for floor foundation

While the Golden State Klay Thompsons put the Kings' feet in concrete Friday night in Oakland, construction crews were laying the foundation for the new arena in downtown Sacramento.

Photo by Blake Ellington

The Sacramento Kings are experiencing a lot of backward momentum these days on the floor of the arena that sits at One Sports Parkway, but along L and J Streets in downtown Sacramento, much progress is being made on their future home.

The first concrete segment of the foundation for the arena's floor was poured Friday - it was the first of eight concrete pours that will take place over the next three weeks.

Here's video of the pour happening. Center court will sit near the light that is in the top middle of the screen.

By late February, the entire ground of the arena site will be filled with concrete. The Kings expect to utilize 14,000 cubic yards of concrete overall. The concrete mat slab includes 1,500 tons of steel reinforcing rebar. The future steel structure will total approximately 9,000 tons. This stage of the construction is being supplied by 100 percent Sacramento-region contractors, according to the team.

The photo below shows how Friday's pour encompassed one corner of the site.

Concrete Pour

You can see the scope of the entire project in this drone video the Kings released this week.

Representatives with the construction team said there will be steel going up in March and by summer the shell of the arena (a façade of glass and metal elements) will be visible.

We are now 177 days into the project and 616 days away from opening day (fall of 2016). Representatives for the construction team and the Kings said the project is right where they expected it to be at this time