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DeMarcus Cousins' old man outfit was not for 'Uncle Drew' commercial

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Cousins, or OG Boogie Smooth, was not preparing for Uncle Drew, unfortunately.

via DeMarcus Cousins' Instagram

Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins sent the Internet into speculation mode recently when he posted a photo and video of himself dressed as an old man, or "OG Boogie Smooth."

Was he filming the next installment of Kyrie Irving's "Uncle Drew" Pepsi commercials? Drew had been "searching for a big man," after all.

The unfortunate news is Cousins told us that his old man outfit was not for "Uncle Drew." But the good news is he was filming a commercial dressed as an old man that we will still see, at least in Sacramento. Cousins was working on a commercial for a local car dealership, he told Sactown Royalty. It should be coming out in the next few weeks.

Last April, Boogie Smooth revealed his fake R&B album. I am glad to hear he is back this year. Let's see what you've got OG Boogie!