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Report: Kings-Knicks game postponed due to Blizzard

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Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Coming into New York City with a six-game losing streak, the Kings were looking for some relief against the 8-36 New York Knicks.   However, it looks like even the weather is conspiring against them.

From Grant Napear:

Ian Begly of ESPN NY also confirms:

So far there has been no official word on the game being postponed from the Kings or NBA and we will update with any news.  This is a good chance for the team to get some rest and recover in the midst of a grueling season that's gone south in a hurry.  Carl Landry is still recovering from a sprained wrist, so perhaps this extra time will allow him to come back to action sooner.

Sacramento's next game is scheduled for Wednesday in Toronto.  For those of you in the New York area, stay safe.


The NBA has officially confirmed that the game is postponed.  It will now be played on March 3rd.