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If Kings fans want DeMarcus Cousins to go to the All-Star game, they should vote for James Harden too

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Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Recent struggles aside, DeMarcus Cousins is having the best year of his career.  There is no doubt in my mind that he is an NBA All-Star and should be among the 12 Western Conference representatives in New York this February.  However, as we saw last year, just because someone is deserving of a spot does not mean they will get in.

Right now, DeMarcus Cousins is 7th in All-Star Frontcourt votes at 165,456, well behind the top three vote getters Anthony Davis (732,154), Blake Griffin (403,415) and Marc Gasol (343,587).  Given that there are only 16 days to vote, it's very unlikely that Cousins cracks the top three and is voted into the game.

By no means does this mean you and our fellow Kings fans should stop voting for DeMarcus Cousins.  However, there is one outlier in Western Conference voting results; Kobe Bryant.  Right now Kobe Bryant is set to become one of the most undeserving NBA All-Stars in history, as he's second in Western Conference guard voting at 694,665 votes despite shooting just 37.7% from the field on a team that's won just 10 games.  If Kobe Bryant makes the All-Star team, someone much more deserving (like say, Cousins) could miss it if Bryant doesn't sit the game out.

As such, Kings fans (and other fans of Western teams who want to see their players in the All-Star game) should put their voting effort in to help James Harden pass Bryant up in the voting.  Harden is currently third among Western guards at 516,514 votes, which is a fair amount behind Bryant.  Harden is going to get into the game no matter what, so getting him into the starting lineup at least helps to ensure that Bryant does not make it and that someone who does deserve the honor will.

So continue to vote for Cousins, but make sure to throw in some votes for James Harden too.