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NBA Impersonator @BodtAdot5 Nails Jason Williams Impression

Internet sensation, @BdotAdot5, visited Sacramento this week to impersonate some Sacramento Kings greats, and his first Kings-centric video will have you craving some White Chocolate.

Jason Wise

For the uninitiated, @BdotAdot5 (a.k.a. Brandon Armstrong) has become something of a sensation on social media this offseason due to his spot-on impersonations of NBA superstars.  His incredible impressions of ShaqRajon RondoRussell Westbrook, and James Harden are particularly incredible.  In fact, just stop what you're doing and watch those.  I'll wait...

You back?  Cool.

Armstrong's videos regularly generate views in the MILLIONS so the Kings digital team may have made the steal of the offseason by procuring his services for a few days to drop a few heaters on your timelines.  It's my understanding that the NBA chameleon and the Kings have some gems in store for us, and who better to start with than Jason Williams??  Elbow passes, ill-advised threes, layups that are WAY more difficult than they need to be... this video has it all!  Behold, as @BdotAdot5 takes on our beloved White Chocolate:

Not sure how you top this one but keep your eye's peeled for the next installment.