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Is Las Vegas serious with these predicted win totals for the Sacramento Kings?

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Earlier this week, the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook released their predicted win totals and title odds for the upcoming season.  At the top are all the usual teams, led by the defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors at 60.5.  Seems fair.  So where are our Sacramento Kings?  We know they're probably not rated very highly but this team has gotten a lot deeper this offseason and should field their best squad in years.

Ah, I found them.  Vegas puts the over/under on Kings wins at ... 30.5.

Thirty. Point. Five.

Are you freaking serious???

Las Vegas hasn't insulted Sacramento like this since it gave us the Maloof brothers.  I know the Kings aren't highly respected around the NBA, especially after the dumpster fire that was last season, but Vegas doesn't think the Kings are even two games better than they were last season???

Here's just a sampling of things that went wrong for the Kings last year:

  • Three Head Coaches
  • A freak case of viral meningitis for DeMarcus Cousins that caused him to miss 10 games.
  • Darren Collison missing the entire second half of the season.
  • Derrick Williams being 6th on the team in total minutes played and 5th in Field Goals Attempted.
  • A rookie in Nik Stauskas who was brought in to shoot threes who couldn't shoot threes.
  • Ramon Sessions.

That team still managed to win 29 games!  They were a good camera angle away from 30 (Ryan Hollins tipped the ball).

This summer the Kings made a lot of moves, all seemingly for the better.  They brought in proven NBA players in Rajon Rondo, Kosta Koufos and Marco Belinelli.  They drafted a rookie that is widely heralded as one of the best defensive prospects in years.  Their head coach, who has only missed the playoffs once when coaching for a full season, finally has a training camp to prepare.  Guys like DeMarcus Cousins and Ben McLemore have likely improved.

And you're telling me all that isn't worth two wins?  You're telling me this team is only a game better than the Los Angeles Lakers (at 29.5 in Vegas).

I'm not saying this team is going to be amazing or that they're going to the playoffs or anything like that.  I also understand that this team hasn't hit the 30 win mark in 7 years.  But this prediction is still pure disrespect and doesn't seem to take into account any of the improvements the Kings made this summer.  Vegas lines are usually smarter than this and it seems like they're betting on a worst case scenario for the Kings.  Here's hoping the Kings prove them, as well as many others, wrong.

(Ed. Note:  Nobody should take this post as a recommendation to go out and gamble on the Kings.  It is not.)