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Rajon Rondo, George Karl Relationship 'Not going too well'

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

(Ed. Note: Story has been updated with clarification that Rondo was indeed pulling a fast one)

Before we all lose our collective minds over what Rajon Rondo told Cowbell Kingdom about his relationship with George Karl, I want to at least leave the door open for the possibility that this was one big giant troll job on Rondo’s part. That was my initial thought when I saw the interview. Take a look at the video and make your own judgment.

Rajon Rondo, Via Cowbell Kingdom

Here is the quote in question.

Rajon Rondo, on his relationship with George Karl -

It’s not been going too well. We got into a couple of arguments the last couple of days, but hopefully we continue to talk and get better.

If we are to take these comments at face value, they are neither encouraging, nor season ending.

Rajon Rondo got into frequent arguments with Doc Rivers and Rick Carlisle. George Karl isn’t exactly the easiest coach to get along with, so none if this is out of the realm of possibility. If the relationship isn’t good, at least we can take solace in the fact that it isn’t affecting his play.

You could also argue that if Rondo is indeed joking, now is not exactly the best time, but I’m not going to tell him what to do.

We’ve had exactly zero follow up from Rondo, the Kings, or anyone inside, so that one clip is all we’ve got. Some context would be beneficial. Stay tuned.

UPDATE 10:17 AM:

It appears Rondo was joking according to multiple reporters around the Kings.